People are like pebbles

Something ticked off my 'bucket list' this week - paddle boarding at Loch Lomond. It was so much fun even if someone did "accidentally" tip me off several times. After my Dad came to meet us last weekend (thanks for coming Tony, you legend), we drove up through Glen Coe, which is the view above.... Continue Reading →

Seaside sleepovers

This week saw us head to Port Patrick, which was simply beautiful. A quaint little harbour with a perfect little beach, and best of all a free car park right beside it. After spending the entire day swimming, climbing on the rocks and having scooter races (by 7pm we had the car park to ourselves),... Continue Reading →

The Firsts

This was a week of firsts; first time drinking from a freshwater stream, first time camping in the wild, first Scottish thunder storm, first time leaving the flipping washing behind at the previous campsite, and first time getting stuck with our HGV length van+caravan, which meant needing to stop traffic and ask about 6 members... Continue Reading →

Enjoying the mundane

For anyone who hasn't been caravanning before, when in a caravan, every task is slightly more arduous than when at home. Despite the fact that our caravan (Buccaneer Galera) is the size of a small bungalow, we are still a little short on space, particularly in the kitchen department. So making a cup of much... Continue Reading →

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