What is home?

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few weeks guys, to be completely truthful, I haven’t felt like it. We had some fabulous adventures around the Loch Ness area, including staying at a site which was hosting the Scottish Golden Retriever convention, oh my goodness 300+ dogs in one place! But its actually been a bit of a lull in enthusiasm, a running out of steam so to speak. 38292906_10156600615401118_437400684900384768_n

When you’re away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the traffic, the chores (and don’t get me wrong, I am still working, and dishes still need doing, so I’m not completely free), you get time to think. And I didn’t realise how little thinking I did before, I thought I was a thinker, but no. When you have nowhere to be, no times to live by, you just have room in your mind to ponder, and hypothesise, and plan. Its quite a hard sensation to describe. But though this is brilliantly empowering, the fact that there are so many options, choices, decisions to be made, is incredibly overwhelming.

So, where we have been full of life and adventure, its almost as though the adventure is too adventurous sometimes, with its endless ‘new-ness’ and enchanting unfamiliarity. And so, we decided to reconvene back at the Fylde Coast. Our home town.

This got me thinking about ‘what is home?’. Why was it, that as soon as we drove into familiar territory, we felt at ease, comfortable? Then to see some of our best friends, at our usual haunts, that was a brilliant feeling.38204103_10156600611676118_4732745182108188672_n

My head is spinning at times with all the decisions that need to be made now; where will we live? Will the boys remain home educated? Which house is a good investment? Will I continue in my current line of work? But somehow being around here is making it all seem a little less daunting. And I have come to the conclusion that its like this; when you first get your own place, and something happens such as a headache utility bill or a broken down car, it is so overwhelming and you can’t see how it will ever be sorted. But you call round to your Mum’s for a cup of tea, and soon enough it all seems so much better. Because in that place, with that person, you feel safe and supported. So when we came ‘home’ to this location, to these people, to these familiar places, we feel safe and supported. And in that way, ‘home’ isn’t simply the place that you are sleeping each day, it is everything intangible, it is friendship, love, support and familiarity.



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