People are like pebbles

Something ticked off my ‘bucket list’ this week – paddle boarding at Loch Lomond. It was so much fun even if someone did “accidentally” tip me off several times.

After 36486278_10156529003976118_2153817852883238912_nmy Dad came to meet us last weekend (thanks for coming Tony, you legend), we drove up through Glen Coe, which is the view above. Absolutely glorious! A hundred photos couldn’t do it justice. The thing about travelling up here is that the scenery is so lovely that you can go an hour or so without it feeling like 5 minutes; significantly better than the dreary M6!

For the next few days we are staying near Fort William, which has provided us with real supermarkets (yay) but best of all some fab little cafes, most of which seem to have a zero waste ethos. The whole town has recycling bins everywhere which is great to see and use, as in some of the rural places there have been no recycling facilities at all.

36570932_10156529003086118_2644162101425209344_nWe have just got back from the Ben Nevis Range cable car, which was a fantastic experience – a definite must do. The picture on the right is what happened when I asked them to smile…lol

At the top you walk across to the viewpoint which is 360degree mountain views. I haven’t ever seen anything like it in person.

Before we left, one of my favourite humans made us a beautiful scrap book. So I have been keeping little bits and bats to put in it (the tickets for the cable car are an example). I think that all those little bits just make a scrapbook so much more real and memory-filled. I have also been writing down Scottish sayings that I have seen or heard “Haste Ye Back” (Come back soon) is written on the signs for many towns, I really like that one.36526986_10156529003161118_5892214338587983872_n

The boys and I went down to the loch at the edge of the campsite last night, and Vince, as ever started to through pebbles into the water (it endlessly amuses him). I started to do the same, as did Oscar and Jack. We begun a bit of a game of ‘whose can make the biggest splash’ or ‘whose can go the furthest’, things like that. So, we were looking amongst all these rocks to find one that met what we needed at that time. And it occurred to me that this is so similar to how we should see people. Because all those rocks on that beach are perfect in their own way, and you accept that, some are big, some small, some smooth, some jagged. But all has their purpose and their beauty; and each of us picking up stones, chose a different one, because that was the one we liked most. It seems sometimes that when it comes to humans, we forget all that, and we want everyone to look a certain way, have a certain set of attributes. So I postulate that if we accepted everyone for who and what they are, then everyone would be so empowered, calm, and happy. That isn’t to say that everyone is going to be best friends with everyone else, because people are different, and that’s ok! So what I’m saying is, instead of judging/criticising/hating other people, we just let them be, like the pebbles that aren’t quite what we need, we can just carry on with what we are doing, and so can they.

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