The Firsts

This was a week of firsts; first time drinking from a freshwater stream, first time camping in the wild, first Scottish thunder storm, first time leaving the flipping washing behind at the previous campsite, and first time getting stuck with our HGV length van+caravan, which meant needing to stop traffic and ask about 6 members of the public to aid us in turning around!!

Minor disasters aside, we have done much exploring. This picture below is taken at Grey Mares Tail, which is a 200ft waterfall, which we intended to walk to the top of. However, the very pleasant Scottish Trust man said that a dog had recently fallen off the path to it’s unfortunate demise. So we decided that with two toddlers and two dogs, we would enjoy the beautiful views and stream at the bottom instead. The water was the stuff of dreams – clear, sparkling and cool, a very refreshing drink. Vince was living his best life throwing pebbles into the stream for the entire time, and Jack and Oscar both went waist deep paddling, and I absolutely did not slip and go waist deep also!2

The next day, we found a quaint little lay-by on the eastern side of Loch Ken, which we called home for two nights. It was well set back from the road, and there was a little path down to the pebbled Loch shore, which we did the obligatory BBQ (vegan) on. The sun doesn’t set until near midnight here, and so we don’t all hit the hay until around then. We have a solar panel and an extra battery on the van, which means that we have electricity at all times. This allows for a mid afternoon movie while we cook or get cleaned up (very useful for coaxing two tired toddlers into a nap).

Around the shores of Loch Ken, there is something called the Red Kite Trail. Red Kites are particularly abundant in this area; we have seen many already. But tomorrow, we are going to a hide where the local wildlife trust feeds the birds at 2pm, so we should get to see them up close!

The thought of the week is random acts of kindness. Today we went for a pub lunch, because you know, two days in the ‘wild’, and we told the lady serving us about our trip. When we were leaving, she came over and gave the boys a £10 note ‘to buy an ice cream at the next stop’. The boys were understandably overjoyed, and it was really touching that someone would go out of their way to be so kind. So to the lady at The Market Arms – Thankyou xoxo

Our aim for this coming week is to pay this forward to someone else ❤

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