Enjoying the mundane

For anyone who hasn’t been caravanning before, when in a caravan, every task is slightly more arduous than when at home. Despite the fact that our caravan (Buccaneer Galera) is the size of a small bungalow, we are still a little short on space, particularly in the kitchen department. So making a cup of much needed 6am coffee when one baby has woken up, whilst trying to ensure the other two don’t, is not as simple as going downstairs and flicking the kettle on. It is more a case of playing Jumanji with the cupboards to find all the necessary items for said cup of coffee.

However, it is effortless to find the fun in these moments. My reasoning is, that when we were living our ‘normal’ life, an early wake up, and ensuing breakfast time chaos, and then being late for work etc, meant that all these mini calamities triggered a stress reaction. At the caravan, where there is no early or late, no deadlines or DIY, each situation can be met with a smile because there are no real negative consequences.

And so, it is easy to enjoy everyday tasks like washing up, and hoovering (which takes a grand total of 4 minutes 😀 ) because there is no pressure, no rush, no stress. That is why we can relax in our chairs, grinning like Mr Vince.

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