An Introduction to Our Family

OK. So before we set off, it seems appropriate that I introduce you to our family. And for anyone who joins us later in our journey, this is for you too!

I am Beccy Meadowcroft. I’m 26 and I grew up in and around Blackpool, Lancashire, England. I enjoy playing sports (hockey and football), being outside, crafty things, books and coffee. The biggest part of my life is my children; I live and breath them. They are fantastic and they teach me something new every day. I also have Asperger’s.

My husband Dan is 34; he grew up around Manchester. He has been a plasterer all his life up until now, however he is an extremely talented artist. I am hoping that he will find time to devote to creativity now he isn’t working, and share some of his flare with the children.

Our eldest son is Jack (8). He is funny, silly and outgoing. Jack has autism, and his problems at school caused by this, were what first directed us towards home educating. So it has really been a blessing, as we now enjoy this lifestyle as a family.

Then we have Oscar (3) and Vince (2)… less than a year between these two; I cant explain the rationale there! However, mad as it is, I wouldn’t have it any other way, as they’re inseparable. Oscar, aka Phoo, and Vince aka Binny, are loud, kind and lots of fun.

Lastly we have two dogs; Bruce, an 11 stone American Bulldog, and Jade, a Staffy. We also have another staffy, Lenny, and a little rescue dog, Sharon. However the latter two are not very good at staying nearby (Lenny is pretty well known in our neighbourhood due to his frequent escapades), and so seeing as we will be in rural Scotland for the next few months, they are staying with family members for their own good.

That is us in a nutshell 🙂 We realised upon writing this that we don’t have any pictures of all of us, so that’s something to be worked on!

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